May 2016               Roundtable on Ralph Wedgwood's The Value of Rationality

                               The Centre for Ethical Research (CRE), The University of Montreal,

                               Montreal, Canada

                               (Invited speaker)


January 2016         “Rationality and believing in normative dilemmas”

                               Work-in-progess (WIP) workshop,

                               The University of British Columbia

                               Vancouver, Canada


May 2015               “Rational reasons”
                               The Normativity of Rationality Conference, Cardiff, Wales, UK

                               (Invited speaker)

April 2015              “Rational reasons”
                                GRIN workshop on normativity and metaethics, Montreal, Canada

                                (Invited speaker)

March 2015            “Sources, reasons, and requirements”
                                22nd Annual Philosophy Graduate Student Conference, Waterloo University,                                                                                                                         Waterloo, Canada


September 2014     “Sources, reasons, and requirements”
                               8th Annual McGill Philosophy Retreat, Gault Estate, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada


April 2014              “Sources, raisons et exigences”
                               Colloque des jeunes chercheurs, SoPhA (société de philosophie analytique), Ovronnaz,                                                                                                          Switzerland

May 2011              “Reasons don’t work that way: An argument against reasons-holism”
                              Association francophone pour le savoir (ACSFAS)/Société philosophique du Québec (SPQ),                                                                                                 Sherbrooke, Canada

Septemer 2009      “Two faces of normativity”
                              McGill Philosophy Workshop Series, Montreal, Canada


August 2017           Commentary on Zoë Johnson-King’s (University of Michigan) “You can have your buck and pass it, too”, 2nd Annual                                               Vancouver Summer Philosophy Conference (VSPC), Vancouver, Canada

May 2017               Commentary on Mark Timmons (University of Arizona) and Terry Horgan’s (University of Arizona) “Gripped by Authority”,                                  Conference on Representation and Evaluation, Vancouver, Canada

October 2016         Commentary on Seyed Yarandi's (UC-Santa Barbara) “Reasons and Cognitive Attitudes”, 53rd Annual Meeting of the Western                                Canadian Philosophical Association (WCPA), Edmonton, Canada

May 2014               Commentary on Justin Snedegar’s (St. Andrews) “Reasons, oughts, requirements”, SLACRR (St-                                                                               Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality), St-Louis, MI

September 2013     Commentary on Joey Van Weelden’s (McGill University) “Immoral deference?”, 7th Annual McGill                                                                          Philosophy Retreat, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada